From the Director at Year’s End

Laura Havstad, PhD Director Programs in Bowen Theory

Laura Havstad, PhD
Director, Programs in Bowen Theory

Dear colleagues, trainees and friends of Programs in Bowen theory,

Programs in Bowen Theory has been providing educational programs for mental health professionals and the public, in Northern California, since 1989. We are part of a growing network of national and international programs promoting systems thinking in order to understand and help families with emotional illness and problems of the emotional system.  We are asking for your financial support to sustain and develop the programs of our non-profit educational organization.

Our conferences bring some of the best practitioner/teachers of Bowen theory to Northern California. Our meetings provide the opportunity for clinicians and consultants to learn about the unique perspective of Bowen theory along with up to date  knowledge about pressing and age – old issues in mental health and human relationships. Through our meetings, ongoing training seminar and website we provide guidance for those who decide to become proficient clinicians and consultants with practices based in Bowen theory and family systems.

Our audiovisual library has been growing over time. This year we are adding DVDs of our meeting on family systems and epigenetics to our catalogue of video recordings. DVDs of past meetings on a range of topics in mental health, theory, and clinical practice are very reasonably priced for purchase from our website.

This year we continue with our program to invite guest experts to attend our meetings to promote exchange between theory and research – Anthony Papas, PhD,  will join Dr. Dan Papero in a conference on May 9, 2015 in a program on Adjustment to Death, Loss, and Adversity.

Programs in Bowen Theory supports two research programs. One project documents the impact of the family system on the course of clinical symptoms, in which we are making progress establishing the reliability of a research method to document shifts in the family system which we believe will be generally applicable to a broad range of clinical disorders and their symptoms.  Our other research program involves an ongoing review of research in psychology to test Bowen theory’s potential as an integrative framework for a science of human behavior.

Bowen theory is based on observations that the family emotional system is one crucial variable intertwined with others at the center of complex problems that resist change. A systems view can lead to novel clinical approaches while aiming towards lasting and multigenerational impacts.  Programs in Bowen Theory is committed to this long-term view.

We depend on your donations to fund our conferences, which are open to professionals and the public, as well as our website and to continue our research. Your contribution will help us continue and develop our programs.

Donations to Programs in Bowen Theory, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization, are tax deductible and can be sent to: Programs in Bowen Theory, PO Box, 1945, Sebastopol, CA 95473-1945.

Thank you for your support and best wishes for happy holidays and a happy new year to come.

Laura Havstad, PhD

December 8, 2014