Education & Training

Education and Training Programs

Programs in Bowen Theory was established in 1989 to provide a formal education and training program to teach Bowen theory in Northern California. Annual meetings  introduce the audience to an array of experts in the science, theory and practice of Bowen theory and family systems therapy. For those who wish to gain professional expertise using Bowen theory, the training seminar in Bowen theory, presented by Dr. Laura Havstad as part of her clinical practice, is an ongoing program open to new trainees. This training seminar focuses on theory and practice for mental health professionals as well as other health professionals, consultants and family and organizational leaders. Information on individual consultation and coaching are available for those learning to apply theory. The study of one’s own family is the basic laboratory for learning to use Bowen family systems theory in professional practice and consultation and coaching are critical elements in gaining competence in this application of theory.