DVDs from past programs

DVDs are listed chronologically with the most recent recordings at the end of the list.

DVD’s from some of Programs in Bowen Theory’s past conferences are available here for purchase. These DVDs are not professionally filmed or edited and are therefore priced very reasonably. The quality of the recordings is good enough to view and hear the speakers and their presentations but projected slides are often not clear enough to see. Clinical video portions are omitted for confidentiality.

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DVDs are $35 each, $60 for two, three for $85 and  four for $115.

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The first set of meetings are from the Annual Conferences on Bowen Family Systems Theory and its Applications with Michael Kerr, MD, Director of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family, as the key speaker, 2005-2005

1. From the Conference: Addressing Conflict in Systems: The Family, Organizations, and Society, June 2005

DVD #1 (Order #1401)

Dr. Laura Havstad, Ph.D. Introduction

Michael Kerr, MD. Why siblings often turn out very differently; an overview of Bowen Theory

Lee Ross, Ph.D., Social Psychology, Stanford University. Misunderstanding, misattribution, and conflict.

DVD #2 (Order #1402)

Daniel V Papero, PhD Bowen Theory and Conflict – A Journeyman’s View.

Michael Kerr Emotional Objectivity: Oxymoron or Possibility? .

DVD #3 (Order #1403)

Dr. Daniel Papero Bowen Theory and Consulting to Organizations in Conflict

Lee Ross, PhD Barriers to Resolving Conflict and How to Overcome Them

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2. DVDs from the Conference: Differentiation of Self: Recent Perspectives, June, 2006

DVD #1 (Order #1601)

Laura Havstad, Ph.D. Introduction

Dr. Michael Kerr Progress on Understanding Differentiation of Self.

DVD #2 (Order #1602)

Dr. Michael Kerr – more on differentiation – Viewing Autism through the Lens of the Family.

Lona Hardy, MSW – The Role of Emotional Objectivity in Reducing Emotional Distance in a Family

Joan Jurkowski., LCPC – Expanding the Concept of Emotional Cutoff

Panel Discussion: Dr. Kerr, Andrea Shara, Joan Jukowski, and Lona Hardy

DVD #3

Dr. Michael Kerr – more on differentiation – introduces a clinical video (omitted for confidentiality) of Dr Bowen working. This is followed by comments and discussion.

Andrea Schara, LCSWA, Operationalizing Differentiation of Self for Leadership: The Mindful Compass and its Family Origins.

DVD #4

Dr. Kerr presents The Potential of Bowen Theory. He describes Bowen’s development of the concept of Societal Emotional Process. A discussion follows.

Laura Havstad Normal Levels of Differentiation: Implications for Relationships and Psychotherapy.

Panel Discussion with the presenters and audience.

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3. From the conference on Theory, Emotional Process and the Integration of Self, June 2007

(Order 1901)

Michael Kerr Chronic Anxiety and Cancer Progression.

Michael Kerr Differentiation and the Coaching Relationship.

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4. From the conference on Understanding the Emotional System, Bowen theory, social psychology & biology. June, 2008

DVD #1 (Order #2101)

Laura Havstad – welcome and introduction.

Michael Kerr Homeostasis and Family Systems.

Victoria Harrison Anxiety and Physiological Reactivity in Nuclear Family Triangles.

Michael Sullivan The Transmission of Anxiety in Adolescent Boy Groups and the Social Groups that Regulate their Behavior.

DVD#2 (Order #2102)

Deborah Gordon, Ph.D.The Study of Harvester Ant Behavior and Ant Colonies as Complex Dynamical Systems.

LeAnn Howard From Psychoanalytic Thinking to Natural Systems Thinking and Current Research Directions in Bowen Family Systems.

Panel Discussion.

DVD #3 (Order #2103)

Dr. Kerr Chronic Psychosis as a Manifestation of Family System Disturbance: the Case of Jon Forbes Nash Jr.

Dr. Papero Challenges in Systems Thinking.

Andrea Shara How One Person Can Make a Difference in a Family Crisis.

DVD #4 (Order #2104)

Andrew Ward, PhD The Person and the Situation and Self Regulation.

Panel Discussion.

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5. From the conference on Bowen Theory’s Unique View of Marriage, April, 2009

DVD #1 (Order #2301)

Introductions by Lona Hardy and Laura Havstad

Kathleen Kerr, MSN  Marriage: What is the Rub?

Kathleen Kerr then presents An Effort at Differentiation in a Marriage.

DVD #2 (Order #2302) Michael Kerr Progress on Self in a Marital Relationship

Michael Kerr Do It Yourself Differentiation in a Marriage.

DVD#3 (Order #2303) K. Kerr presents Bowen Theory and Therapy.

K. Kerr presents a Review of the Kerr’s Efforts on Their Marriage

DVD #4 (Order #2304) M. Kerr Viewing Marital Problems through the Lens of Regression

This second series of meetings are from the annual winter meetings with Daniel V Papero, PhD, LCSW of the Bowen Center – 2004 – 2008.

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6. From the conference on Differentiation of Self in Theory and Practice, 2004

DVD #1 (Order #1701)

Dr. Havstad, Introduction

Dr. Daniel Papero talks about the meaning of and operationalizing differentiation of self –  presentation & discussion

DVD #2 (Order #1702)

Dr. Papero on Development and the integration of  emotion and thinking – presentation & discussion.

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7. From the conference on The Marital Relationship and the Clinical Process, Feb., 2005 with D V Papero, PH.D.

DVD #1 (Order #1301)

Dr. Papero, Relationship Intensity & Chronic Anxiety

DVD #2 (Order#1302)

Dr. Papero, Clinical Process, Marriage, and Therapy based on Bowen Theory

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8. From the conference on The Multigenerational Family and Systems Thinking, Feb.,2006

DVD #1 (Order #1501)

Dr Papero. The family as an emotional unit within a larger multigenerational system: functioning positon, anxiety & symptoms. Presentation & discussion

DVD #2 (Order #1502)

Dr Papero talks about systems thinking – the two person system, triangles, and therapy.

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9. From the conference on Attachment and Differentiation in Marriage, 2007

DVD #1 (Order #1801)

Dr. Papero summarizes classic attachment theory and  how Bowen Theory looks at symbiosis, anxiety and attachment. Presentation & Discussion.

DVD #2 (Order #1802)

Dr. Papero – Bowen on marital distress – and Bowen theory on adult attachment theory (Shore) .

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10. From the conference on Fundamentals of Relationships, Feb, 2008

DVD #1 (Order #1911)

Dr Dan Papero – What Bowen Theory has to say about attachment, unresolved emotional attachment, the force for differentiation and the force for togetherness,  anxiety, triangles.

DVD #2 (Order #1912)

Dr Papero bigins with theory of mind and continuous co-construction of relationship. He then presents Bowen for the clinician.

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11.From the conference on Uptight: The Individual in the Anxious System, Oct., 2008

DVD #1 (Order #2201)

Dr. Papero – questions about an anxious system. current understanding of emotion. He presents Bowen’s electronic model followed by how emotion is understood today, anxiety and its effects on thinking, relationships and triangles. Presentation & discussion

DVD #2 (Order # 2202)

Dr. Papero concludes his presentation on triangles. He  talks about emotional fields, emotional contagion and the effects of triangling. He goes on to present Self-Regulation and Detriangling. Presentation & discussion.

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12. From the Conference on The Triangle Hyptothesis Based on Bowen’s Clinical Practice and the Study of Social Species: October 22, 2010 with Laurie Lassiter, PhD

DVD (Order # 2501)

Dr. Lassiter presents the Triangle Hypothesis and the following; how Bowen’s clinical research is consistent with the study of other social species, the function of the emotional system and the triangle across social species, how the triangle insures the likelihood of survival and reproductive success through impairment of some individuals, and using knowledge to increase differentiation of self and to counter automatic processes that impair self and others.

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13. From the Conference on Self-Regulation in the Family, with Dr. Daniel Papero, PhD, LCSW, May 14, 2011.

DVD (Order # 2601)


On May 14 2011, Dr. Daniel Papero presented Self-Regulation in the Family in Santa Rosa, California. With clinical videos and a review of current research Dr. Papero reviewed what’s understood about the functioning of the brain and the psychology of self-regulation in the context of what it looks like to work on self-regulation in the family. A coach who knows the terrain can help a family maintain a focus on emotional reactivity and self-regulation in the emotional system. This moderates the intensity in the family which reduces symptoms of all kinds and prepares the ground for the motivated to increase differentiation of self in the family.

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14. From the conference on Chronic Severe Stress, Trauma, & the Family System, with Daniel V Papero, PhD, LCSW, on June 9 2012.

(Order #2701) 2 DVDs sold as a set – $60

Dr. Papero talked about how traumatic events almost always involve others and explored the question of when extreme life events are experienced, what is the function of the family in coping with the effects? Bowen family systems theory focuses on the effect on the individual, and also addresses the chain of responses throughout the family emotional system to better understand the impact of the trauma and its short and long-term effects. Clinically, the focus on the family as an emotional unit opens up options for interrupting the build-up of chronic stress and the development of chronic symptoms.  The lectures and discussions from this one day meeting are  recorded on DVD, minus the clinical video.


Adaptive coping and long-term consequences of variation in individual response to traumatic and sustained stress and and the impact of the family emotional system are described by Dr. Papero and there is  discussion with the audience.


The clinical effort with severe stress, traumatic and chronic, is  described in a lecture by Dr. Papero and there is discussion. There is also  discussion of a clinical example that was shown. (clinical video not included).

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