The number of centers that are good resources for those interested in Bowen theory has been increasing in a gradual way over the last 25 years. The list of centers here may be missing a few that should be included and hopefully that will be corrected over time. All the centers listed here are led by individuals who are solid as professionals in their grounding in Bowen theory. The centers differ in what services they provide. Some are centered around providing clinical services, or consulting and coaching, most offer education and training in Bowen family systems theory, some have extensive literature lists that are recommended reading, some publish periodicals, blogs and think pieces about theory.

The original center is the Bowen Center for the study of the Family in Washington D.C. founded by Murray Bowen in 1975 as the Georgetown Family Center of Georgetown University The Bowen Center serves as a hub for the rest of the centers. It has the largest faculty of highly skilled clinician educators, it produces major conferences twice a year, provides ongoing clinical training programs, provides clinical services, produces monthly clinical conferences and public lectures, publishes the journal Family Systems, and has a large audio visual library with DVDs and CDs, mp3s and books for sale which are listed on the website.