Readings and Audiovisual Recordings

Basic Texts

Bowen, Murray, Family Therapy In Clinical Practice, Jason Aronson, Inc., New York, 1978

Bowen, Murray and Kerr, Michael, Family Evaluation: The Role of the Family as an Emotional Unit That Governs Individual Behavior and Development, WW Norton, New York, 1988

Papero, Daniel, Bowen Family Systems Theory, Allyn & Bacon, Boston, 1990

Toman, Walter, Family Constellation: It’s Effects on Personality and Social Behavior, 1961, NY, Springer.


Family Systems: A Journal of Natural System Thinking in Psychiatry and the Sciences
Available by subscription from the Bowen Center

Family Systems Forum, A quarterly publication of the Center for the Study of Natural Systems and  the Family,

Other widely read books in Bowen theory

By Edwin H Friedman,
Generation to Generation,
Guilford Press.
Friedman’s Fables,
A Failure of Nerve
. Seabury Press

By Roberta Gilbert, Leading Systems Press, Falls Church VA.
Extraordinary Relationships, Connecting with Our Children, The Eight Concepts of  Bowen Theory, Extraordinary Leadership, The Cornerstone Concept

Edited by Peter Titleman, Haworth Press
Clinical Applications of Bowen Family Systems Theory

Emotional Cutoff

Applications to Organizations, Business & Leadership

By Jeffrey Miller, The Anxious Organization

By Leslie Fox and Katharine Baker, Leading a Business in Anxious Times

By Ronald W. Richardson, Becoming a Healthier Pastor

By Andrea Schara,Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies For Navigating Life/Work Relationships In Any Social Jungle, available at Amazon. Also available in Spanish.

Audiovisual Recordings

Programs in Bowen Theory has DVDs from past programs for sale on this site.

The Bowen Center has theory and clinical teaching DVDs and recordings of meetings for rent and for sale on their website.

A number of the regional centers above that sponsor meetings sell DVDs of their programs.