Regional Programs in the Network of Bowen Centers

Theses programs specialize in Bowen theory education and training and participate as does Programs in Bowen Theory,  in the Bowen Center’s Network Program for the Advancement of Bowen Theory. Some have great resource lists of their own which vary from center to center.

Living Systems – Randall Frost Vancouver, British Columbia

The Center for Family Consultation – Robert Noone Evanston, Illinois

The New England Seminar on Bowen Theory – Ann V. Nicholson Dorchester, Massachusetts

Princeton Family Center – Selden Illick Princeton, NJ

Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the Family – Victoria Harrison Houston, TX

CSNS&F Border Programs – Louise Rauseo El Paso, TX/ Juarez, Mexico

(This website is now available in both English and Spanish.)

Southern California Training in Bowen Theory – Carolyn Jacobs San Diego, CA

The Kansas City Center for Family and Organizational Systems – Margaret Otto

Western Pennsylvania Family Center Pittsburgh, PA

Vermont Center for Family Studies – Ann B. Bunting Essex Junction, VT

Florida Family Research Network, Eileen Gottlieb

Other leading centers of the Bowen Network providing clinical and/or consulting services, coaching, education, readings and further resources

Ideas to Action – Andrea Schara, Darien,CT

The Learning Space, Washington DC, Priscilla Friesen,

Leadership coaching, Inc., John Engels, NY

The Center for Human Systems, Roberta Gilbert, MD, Front Royal VA