Severe Chronic Stress, Trauma, and the Family System on DVD

With Daniel Papero, PhD, LCSW

On Saturday, June 9, 2012 in Santa Rosa, California Dr. Daniel Papero presented a meeting on Bowen Theory & traumatic and severe chronic stress in the family.  He talked about how traumatic events almost always involve others and explored the question of when extreme life events are experienced, what is the function of the family in coping with the effects? Bowen family systems theory focuses on the effect on the individual, and also addresses the chain of responses throughout the family emotional system to better understand the impact of the trauma and its short and long-term effects. Clinically, the focus on the family as an emotional unit opens up options for interrupting the build-up of chronic stress and the development of chronic symptoms. This meeting will address the impacts of the family system on the course of severe stress drawing on family systems theory and psychological research through lecture, discussion and a video case example. Well known to students of Bowen theory, Dr. Papero is faculty and on the board of the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family in Washington, DC. He is author of Bowen Family Systems Theory and he lectures and consults nationally and internationally on family theory, family therapy, and organizational emotional process. He has served as national Social Work consultant to the U.S. Airforce.

The DVD, of this meeting, minus the clinical video but including lecture and discussion is available for purchase.  Click here for information on purchasing DVD from conference #14 on the list.